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Globe Labour Supplies

The Globe Backpackers have a steady flow of backpackers all year round coming to Griffith mainly on a 417 Visa’s.  The Australian government allows 417 Working Holiday visa holders to extend their visas for another year, provided they complete three months (or 88 days) worth of specified work in certain regional areas. Globe Labour Supplies sources the work for these requirements as well as sourcing skilled labour and specialised  people from overseas to meet local businesses requirements.

The benefits of using Globe Labour Supplies for your local business is they take care of all the responsibility. Ie: transport to and from work, immigration checks and paperwork, paying the employee, super and insurances, payroll tax and all other costs involved.

If your business is seeking skilled or general labour, Please contact Brian Armanini at Globe Labour Supplies.

26 Wayeela Street

Ph: 0412 827 135

Email: globe2680@hotmail.com